Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”

Friday, October 13, 2017


Rotary Club of Roxas hosts 41st National Milo Marathon (Leg 10)
By NiƱo Manaog
Special for The Capiz Times

Roxas City—It was another pioneering effort of the local Rotarians in health and sports development.

The Rotary Club of Roxas, led by its president Ms. Melrose Lunn, recently hosted the 41st National Milo Marathon Leg 10 (Roxas) on Oct. 1, 2017 in Pueblo de Panay, a local township in Bgy. Lawaan here.

The national event drew some 3,790 runners and participants from around Roxas City, the province of Capiz and other parts of Panay.

Of this number, 595 runners joined the 3K Kiddie Run; while 2,816 students and 233 adults joined the 5K. In the higher categories, 88 runners went for 10K while 58 runners joined the coveted 21K, the Qualifying Race.

For the 3K Kiddie Run, the following are the top finishers. For Boys’ Division, the top ten runners were, as follows: Jewel Llorito, who clocked 11:03, followed by Noel Joseph Degracia, Dino Ryan Divinagracia, Daniel Turtogo, Landel Jay Aregora, John Neto Corte, Marte Gyan Antonio, Adrian Samson, Julius Cezar Caraercle and Justin Bernada.

For Girls, the top ten runners were, as follows: Mary Gold Cortel, who clocked 12:16, followed by Jazen Faith Martinez, Jhoannah Marreh Balasa, Riese Diaz, Kezhia May Martinez, Shaina Nicole Orbe, Precious Nicole Rosales, Cyra Monique Dumaguit, Precious Friah Antonia Bernabe and Mariel Diaz.

For 5K, the following are the top finishers. For Men’s Division, the top ten were Pernille Siason Jr., who finished at 17:41, followed by Joemarie Delgado, Leonito Cortel, Geonell Despi, Nuebie Pinalba, Geovann Ivan Despi, Jonel Alva, Eden Kleith Castor, Joshua Ceo Contreras and Joshua Rey Beramo.

For Women’s Division, the top ten were Mary Grace Cortel, who finished at 19:47, followed by Emelyn Legarda, Rica Debigay, Nica Joy Bernada, Camille Jean Cortel, Jovyrose Girao, Katherine Teshima, Rafaella Arbolado, Diana Labrador and Shainne Lou Rosas.

For 10K, the following are the top finishers. For Men’s Division, the top ten runners were Ramonito Cuabar, who clocked 35:59, followed by Arthur Diamante, Victoriano Belot Jr., Rogie Onato, Nenito Cortel Jr., Danny Onato Jr., Eddemar Cuangco, Regor Evaristo, Ron Schwebel and Matthew Orbe.

For the Women’s Division, the top ten runners were Rodelyn Onato, who clocked 45:59, followed by Abigail Odelmoo, Janice Aballe, Joevy Valenzuela, Ellaine Joy Arboleda, Jehrlyn Bornales, Ivy Marie Bargas, Divine Grace Ausan, Anna Mae Ocbena and Mary Kris Sulpico.

And for 21K, the Qualifying Race, the following are the top finishers. For Men’s Division, the top runners were Joel Alcorin, who finished at 1:16:27, followed by Rowell Hulleza (1:18:39), Rene Desuyo (1:19:47), Joseph Arnel (1:20:32), Roger Molinos (1:22:24), Jose Baguio (1:24:05), Leodinir Nemis (1:27:39), Arnell John Mercado (1:29:34), Joseph Heyres (1:30:15) and Eugene Alvarez (1:32:09).

For Women’s Division, top runners were Christen Cortel who clocked 1:41:44, followed by Lorena Blanco (1:44:16), Cerila Cortel (1:54:56), Anita Balaga (1:56:22), Eunelyn Lopez (2:05:10), Jenelyn Progio (2:13:48), Riezyl Baqueriza (2:26:22), Charisse Ariane Pedroso (2:28:35), and Jackilene Donato (2:29:57).

Prizes were awarded to the winners, as follows:

For the 3K Kiddie Run, the top runner were given, as follows: champion, P1,500 and trophy; runner-up, P1,000 and trophy; third place, P500 and trophy; 4th place, P500 and medal; and 5th place to 10th place, P150 and a medal each.

Meanwhile, for the 5K Fun Run, divided into men's and women's divisions, sets of prizes were given, as follows: champion, P2,500 and trophy; runner-up, P1,500 and trophy; 3rd place, P1,000 and trophy; 4th place, P500 and medal; and 5th place to 10th place, P500 and a medal each.

For the 10K Run, winners in both Men's and Women's Divisions were awarded, as follows: champion: P5,000 and trophy; runner-up, P3,000 and trophy; 3rd place, P2,000 and trophy; 4th place, P1,000 and medal; and 5th Place to 10th Place, P500 and a medal each.

For the 21K Run or the Qualifying Races, winners in both Men's and Women's Divisions were awarded, as follows: champion, P10,000 and trophy; runner-up, P6,000 and trophy; 3rd place, P4,000 and trophy; 4th place, P2,000 and medal; and 5th place, P1,000 and medal.

This sports promotion was made possible through the concerted efforts of the Rotarians in full coordination with the Pueblo De Panay township, the Roxas City Police Station, the Capiz Provincial Police Office and the Ivisan Police Station.

The Rotarians also attribute the success of the marathon to the full cooperation of the local governments including other agencies, namely: the Roxas City Government (City Health Office, Traffic Management Unit and Emergency Response Team); the Capiz Provincial Government (Villareal Stadium management unit, Capiz Emergency Response Team and Integrated Provincial Health Office); the local government units of Ivisan and Sapian; the K9 units of the local Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Navy; and the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army in Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz.

Rotarians also want to thank the supervisors and superintendents of the Department of Education Roxas City Division and Capiz Division; Philippine National Red Cross- Capiz Chapter; Boy Scouts of the Philippines Capiz Council; Rotaract Club of Roxas-Hercor College Chapter; Hercor College (Office of Student Affairs and the Criminology and Computer Science departments); and Kabalikat Civicom.

Rotarians also want to thank Arce Marketing and Stages Pre-School; Fritz Dorado & Co., Robinson's Bank; Philtrust Bank; Capiz Bankers Association; Love Radio 105.7 FM; B-Y & Sons Trading; AnCor Development Corp.; AVSE Group of the Roxas City Airport Police Station; the Capiz Doctors' Hospital family; the Robinsons Place Roxas management; Jollibee Robinsons; Aqua Klean; Water Factory; Doctors Junjun & Jean Oquendo; Ms Rosemary Thursday Ortiz -Honrado; the JCI Makawiwili; Capa Dance Academy;
and Kenny Celestial (for free aerial video coverage).

Per their Facebook post: "Many more may also deserve our gratitude but we may have failed to mention; please know that the omission was mostly unintentional."

Same post read further: "From the bottom of our hearts, MADAMU-DAMO GID NGA SALAMAT

Note: Article reposted from The Capiz Times and photos at random from RC Roxas Rotarian members photographer/documentor.


For the outstanding hosting of the Roxas Leg of the 41st National Milo Marathon, the Rotary Club of Roxas wishes to thank:

Pueblo de Panay
Roxas City Police Station and Capiz Provincial Police Office and Ivisan Police Station
Bureau of Fire Protection

K9 units of the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy
Roxas City Government including the Traffic Management Unit, Roxas City 

Emergency Response Team and City Health Office
Capiz Provincial Government including the Villarreal Stadium management unit, Capiz Emergency Response Team, Integrated Provincial Health Office

Ivisan Municipal Government
Sapian Municipal Government
All schools Supervisors and Superintendents in the DepEd families of City Division and Capiz Division

Fritz Dorado & Co.
Kabalikat Civicom
Philippine National Red Cross-Capiz Chapter
Boy Scouts of the Philippines Capiz Council

Philippine Army 3rd Infantry Division, Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz
Rotaract Club of Roxas-Hercor College
Hercor College, including the Office of Student Affairs and the Criminology and Computer Science Department

Arce Marketing and Stages Pre-School
Robinsons Bank
Philtrust Bank
Capiz Bankers Association
Love Radio 105.7FM
B-Y & Sons Trading

AnCor Development Corp.
AVSEGroup of the Roxas City Airport Police Station
Capiz Doctors Hospital family
Robinson's Mall

Aqua Klean
Water Factory
Dr. & Dra. Jun-jun & Jean Oquendo
Ms. Rose Mary Thursday Honrado and JCI Makawiwili
Capa Dance Academy
Kenny Celestial’s (free) aerial video coverage

(Many more may also deserve our gratitude but we may have failed to mention here; please know that the omission was most unintentional!)

From the bottom of our hearts, MADAMU-DAMO GID NGA SALAMAT!

- PDG Mark Anthony Ortiz
MILO Event Chairperson

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Over 53 participants from Culasi National High School attended and participated during the symposium of Philippine Red Cross Capiz Chapter and the Rotaract Club of HERCOR of the Rotary Club of Roxas, D3850, led by their great Rotaract president Rhea Mae Lantoria. (Photos and details from Rotaractor Patrick Almabis)

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Rotary Club of Fort Atkinson Pres Carla during our joint Rotary meeting with RC Jefferson

(L to R) DGN Edwin Bos with son Interactor Ernest Bos (RFE Inbound Batch 2015)
and PP Thomas Vinz of RC Lake Mills, Wisconsin D6250

My RFE Outbound Team 2017 (PP Hector of RC Bacolod, PP Botoy of RC Kalibo,
Pres Markus and sps Nora and PP Bobit of RC Antique, PP Joshua of RC Dipolog
and Rtn. Mark of RC Boracay

Our Rotary banerette on display at RC Wheatridge Center,
Colorado, USA

Exchange of club banners with Rotary Lake Mills pres Greg, Wisconsin D6250

Presentation of RFE and clubs with RC Lake Mills, D6250 Wisconsin

Presentation of RFE and clubs at RC Lake mills regular meeting

Presentation of RFE and clubs with RC Jefferson, D6250 Wisconsin

with RC Jefferson 

with RC Lakemills, D6250 Wisconsin

Visiting the town of Stoughton with PP Mark of RC Stoughton, D6250 Wisconsin

Visiting Cave of the Mounds and a quick chat with Rotarians from RC Mound Horeb, D6250 Wisconsin

Attending regular meeting with Rotary Club of WaterTown, D6250 Wisconsin and exchange of banner

Presentation of RFE and clubs during a meeting with RC WaterTown

The club is privileged to have joined and represented RFE in this year's trip to Wisconsin, USA. Pres. Megs Lunn happened to be the co-chair of D3850 RFE (RY 2016-2017) and was the Team Leader for the Rotary Friendship Exhange Outbound Team 2017 to D6250 Wisconsin. Her first exposure to RFE was during the Rotary Year 2014-2015 as the RFE Chair of the district and also as one of the hosts of RFE Inbound 2015 then as Team Leader of RFE Outbound 2017 in the same district in Wisconsin. 

Her team members are from the Rotary Clubs of Bacolod, Antique, Kalibo and Boracay.

They represented District 3850 and visited the clubs in Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Lake Mills, Stoughton, Watertown and Mound Horeb. They were away from Sept 5 to 15, 2017. The group attended regular meetings and fellowships.  In between, they were toured in each community to learn about their cultures and best practices, to name a few.

It's not the roadmap, but the memories and emotion embedded in all the team members long after they separate ways ..... it has proven that the program of Rotary Friendship Exchange remain to be the most enjoyable and meaningful experience a Rotarian can have in his/her lifetime being a member of Rotary. It's the stories told around the table, the happiness on every bite of food prepared by their hosts, the laughters and relationships nurtured, and most of all the good will they spread in each other is a history they make together in this journey. They found love in each home who welcomed them and have touched people along the way of their journey telling them about the good things and life-changing events Rotary does in the community and the world as a whole.

The output of RFE 2015 trip was the partnership of D6250 to the Global Grant of RC Kalibo (Water) and District Grant of RC Victorias (community toilet), and donation of Laptops to the member clubs of RFE Outbound 2015 participants, respectively. 

This 2nd RFE trip is hoping to welcome a project team of Interactors and Rotarians from the same district for the Solar Project with RC Antique, the incoming 2nd batch of Laptops from La Crosse Rotary Club (c/o RFE Inbound Batch 2015) and other in progress collaboration with District 6250 Wisconsin. 

"Rotary Friendship Exchange" or RFE is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs. The benefits are to: 1) broaden international understanding 2) explore a spefici profession or job in a different context 3) build enduring friendships 4) establish a foundation for peace and service 5) learn about a region's people, food, languages, customs, and history and 6) find partners for grants." (www.rotary.org)

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Boys and Girls Week radio tour with PP Marisa Gepilana and Rtn Rey Dela Cruz as the Anchor with Love Radio, Roxas

Oath Taking of Boys and Girls Week Sept 21-28, 2017 with Roxas City Mayor Celino

B&G Chair VP Kathleen is with PDG Mark Ortiz and Councilors Matthew Viterbo and Gary Potato.

Secretary Tonette with the participants

City Vice Mayor with the Boys and Girls Week participants batch 2017

On-going session of the City Council with the Boys and Girls Representatives and their counter-part Councilors

The City Vice Mayor with the Boys and Girls representatives

Boys and Girls participants with Councilor Atty. Gary Potato

B&G participant

Saturday, September 2, 2017


PP Ricky Molo of Rotary Club of Metro Kalbo, D3850

With lady Rotarian Loida Enero (RC Roxas) and PP Rikcy Molo

Trying so hard to master men's habit and yes, the feeling is different.
Make A Difference! 

Lighter moments with PP Ricky Molo of RC Metro Kalibo, D3850

They were the first to drink the potable water ...... 

Ceremonial turn over of WASH PROJECT from Rotary Roxas and Metro Kalibo's
Pres Joel (blue shirt). Please do not drop it as it .....

Gamit na agad.... thanks bebe loves.....

The blue print perspectivve of the WASH 2017